Bruno is a child around six years old. He lives with his mother Rita, his father John, and his older sister Megan. Bruno lives the normal life of a child of six. He goes to school, has homework to do, plays, and has all the ordinary, small problems that kids can have. Bruno has several friends, but his best friend is Mr. Anderson.

Mr. Anderson is an old man, he runs the little carousel that is located in a small park, not far from the home of Bruno. Between the two there is a great friendship, Mister Anderson is a positive character, well-liked and loved by the whole neighborhood. The carousel of Mr. Anderson, however, hides a secret! When Bruno goes up on the carousel alone, the carousel turns and leads him into a parallel world. A world that changes according to the character on which it sits. This happens only and just only to Bruno. It happened once, a long time ago, even to Mr. Anderson, but now it does not happen anymore.