Personal Project by Christian Cornia and Diego Cajelli.

We’re in a great farm.

The feathered friends that live there are superheroes. But the game is that it is only in their head, they really are normal chickens, hens,ducks and turkeys. [and sometimes there’ll be cut with real footages of chickens running around the yard or in the chicken coop].

In a certain sense, the supergroup adventures are “only imaginary”, there is a sharp contrast between what happens in reality, and what we see happening in the cartoon,which it’s, perhaps all a figment of their imagination.

In Chicken Squad, the game is based on the contrast between the real world and the imaginary world. We can see the heroes who draw up a plan to save the eggs from War Al, there’s a cut and we just see the animals that are moving towards a side of the yard. This is also applied to the bad guys, we can see Gotti sunbathing in front of the door of the farm, there is a cut, and we can hear his thoughts in Soprano-style.